Charlotte, NC – Drone Regulations

Charlotte, NC – Drone Regulations

Charlotte, NC – Drone Regulations

Recent years have witnessed a huge spike in the interest in flying technology, and drones have evolved from their initial military purposes to widespread consumer uses. They are no longer just gadgets for surveillance and monitoring crowds but are used for mapping technology and entertainment purposes etc.

However, no matter how UAV’s (drones) are used, there are certain rules and regulations every drone owner must follow in order to stay within the safety guidelines issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Drone operators in Charlotte (if you live in Charlotte that is) can help understand Part 107 of the sUAR (small Unmanned Aircraft Rule), but here are some important points that you must keep in mind if you are looking forward to operating drones. Hence, before you go find a drone company in Charlotte, here are some operational limits you must be familiar with:


Part 107 Operational Limits:

  • Your drone must weigh less than 25 kg or 55 pounds to be considered sUAS.
  • Your drone must always remain in Visual line-of-sight (VLOS).
  • Drones in Charlotte (or wherever you may be) must not go above an altitude of 400 feet unless they are 400 ft. within a structure. For example, if a building is 400ft tall the drone operator may operate at 799ft and below.
  • It must not fly over 100mph.
  • It must yield path of right of way to manned aircraft.
  • No reckless or careless operations and,
  • No carrying of hazardous material.
  • Preflight inspection required by the remote pilot in command.
  • If a person has any health or mental issue that may hinder the drone’s safe operations, they are not allowed to operate the drone.
  • Any foreign registered drone must satisfy Part 107 in order to be allowed to operate in areas such as Charlotte and surrounding areas.
  • External load must be attached securely and should not hinder or affect the flight of the unmanned aircraft adversely.
  • However, most restrictions are waivable on demonstration by the applicant that their operation can be conducted safely under the terms of a Certificate of Waiver or an Airspace Authorization.

This is not the complete FAA Part 107 regulation, however, this covers the gist of all the operational limits that have been put on operating drones. Drone operators in Charlotte can breathe easy now that they know the most important rules they must be following, so have fun flying your drones for enjoyment or for work.

If you would like to read the complete rundown on on the new regulations under Part 107 and how it affects drone pilots in Charlotte, NC, click HERE.


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