Charlotte Photographers

Charlotte Photographers

10 best places to photograph in Charlotte, NC

Looking for the best place to photograph takes up a lot of time for Charlotte photographers.

From the “first in flight” state, it seems only right that drones are now being used to take stunning aerial images of the city.

But where are the best places to photograph in Charlotte, NC? Read on and discover our top ten picks.

  1. Romare Bearden Park

With a sweeping, wide open field lined with striking skyscrapers Romare Bearden park is a Charlotte photographers’ dream. From here, you can take beautiful images of the concrete and glass buildings framing the tree-lined park or even send up a drone to capture this green oasis in the middle of the busy city.

  1. McAlpine Creek Greenway

This spot is perfect for getting the perfect sunset (or sunrise) image. And with this being a popular site for cyclists, you can also grab some great outdoor images.

  1. McDowell Nature Center

Who doesn’t love taking images of animals? Here you can get up close to some of Charlotte’s wildlife and if you really want to capture something different, pitch a tent and stay overnight.

  1. Midtown Park

This should be a go-to stop for every Charlotte photographer. The waterfall and sculpture make this park really unique.

  1. Bank of America Corporate Center

This amazing, 871ft, 60-story skyscraper dominates the Charlotte skyline. If you can get inside, the views across the city are incredible.

  1. Freedom Park

With the annual Fall’s Festival, this park attracts hundreds of Charlotte photographers to snap the arts, music and food at this buzzing event.

  1. North Carolina Blumenthal Performing Arts Center

Grab images of Broadway shows, famous music acts or even just the impressive architecture of these theatres.

  1. Charlotte Douglas International Airport

This is a great place to get images of planes taking off and landing against the backdrop of the city skyscrapers.

  1. Center City Green

Yes, it may be a car park, but from here you can take some great up-close shots of the Charlotte business district.

  1. Lynx 3rd St Station

From here, you can capture a passing train as it thunders by the polished glass of surrounding skyscrapers and the dark green Charlotte trees.

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