Charlotte Real Estate Photography

Charlotte Real Estate Photography

Charlotte Real Estate Photography Mistakes

90% of potential home buyers use the internet when looking for real estate. That makes Charlotte real estate photography more important than ever before. Unfortunately, some people serious mistakes when photographing their homes. Avoid these mistakes so you can show your home in the best light.

Bad Lighting

Proper lighting is essential when photographing your Charlotte home. Dark interiors and bright windows make real estate look anything but inviting. You should also avoid unnatural hues. The best real estate photography looks natural and appealing.

Failing to Remove Offensive Items

You never know what will offend a potential buyer, so keep all of the accessories in your photographs neutral. That means you should take nude artwork off the walls and get rid of any political material. If someone is offended, he or she isn’t going to go to an open house or make an offer.


People are computer savvy enough to know when a photo has been Photoshopped to death. If your photo looks overedited, people will automatically wonder what you’re hiding. They will also be less inclined to visit your home.

No Editing

On the other end of the spectrum, you will make a huge mistake if you fail to edit your photos. You need to crop your pictures and fix minor issues. If you fail to do that, your photos will look unprofessional and your home won’t look appealing.

Bad Framing on the Exterior Shot

Getting a good exterior shot of your Charlotte property is the most different part of real estate photography. Many people take the photo from too far away. That makes the house look small and unimpressive. People also tend to take the picture from directly in front of the home. It’s best to stand off to the side a bit so the home looks big and flattering.

Including Yourself in the Photos

The iPhone age has made everyone feel like photographers. They take out their phones, snap pictures, and upload them to real estate websites. While some people do OK, many end up with more than their homes in the pictures. They are in the photographs, as well. Never use a picture with your reflection in it. It is unprofessional, and it will scare away buyers.

If you try to photograph your home on your own, you can expect to make some mistakes. Make it easier on yourself by hiring a professional. Professionals know how to avoid all the mistakes and create amazing photographs.

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