Entertaining and Controversial uses of Drones

Entertaining and Controversial uses of Drones

The Futuristic Craze: 3 Controversial Use Drones

Just a couple of years ago, aerial robots were associated with James Bond movies and secret military missions. Today, as we live in a world of many possibilities, the year of the business drone has finally arrived. Over the past few months, the nascent technology has continued its rapid rise to the skies and landed directly in the land of bizarre. Previously used by filmmakers, professional photographers and communication companies, drones are now available for even broader commercial use; as such, unmanned aerial vehicles are already transporting organs and delivering snacks. Here are the 3 most unsuspected uses of drones so far.

  1. The Party Buzzer

Perhaps you’ve already tried out the infamous first-person POV drone racing. Even if not, you’re certainly familiar with the flashy boom-boxes flying over parties; neither of these examples, however, is wacky enough to land the spot on our list of the most unusual uses of nascent technology.

Controversial use drones

But where these creative notions fall short, the piñata drone delivers. Just think about it – party goodies are flying all over the garden while the most playful of partygoers try to dissemble it with a baseball bat. And the best thing about it is this: the game is completely live, without any app downloads needed. This ingenious idea came from the novelty gift company Vat19 as a way of celebrating 2 billion views of its videos. According to numerous public responses to their “scientific” experiment, the piñata drone is expected to spice up many fine garden parties in the future.

  1. Walking the Dog

It’s already been two years since the first controversial dog walking drone went viral. Although obviously fake, the video has spurred numerous copycats, promptly resulting in the next ridiculous internet trend.

Unlike these, the story of Baboo the pug is not only a responsible and successful take on this popular idea, but is actually an interesting reference to the 1985’ classic, Back to the Future, as well. Being a big fan of its futuristic predictions, Baboo’s owner chose to mark the movie’s anniversary by filming a video of a drone walking the dog in his stead. Whatever our personal opinions on the matter, this unusual drone use will probably stay in USA households for some time. If joining the trend, however, remember to stay responsible and think about your pet’s wellbeing first.

  1. Scattering Light & Love

And, while the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service makes schemes for scattering vaccine-coated M&Ms over the UL Bend National Wildlife Refuge in Montana with drones in order to protect the endangered ferrets from a devastating disease, the church, as always, has a more devious plan.

Missionaries using drones

As reported on August 15, a Swedish Christian church is allegedly planning to use unmanned aerial vehicles to drop thousands of Bibles over Syria. What seems as not such a subtle strategy to Christianize a number of members of the Muslim community, a senior pastor of the World of Life Church, Joakim Lundqvist, has described it as a way of smuggling the scripture to those in need of strength, peace and comfort. “The apparent logic of the Swedish church … is that by using a tactic that simulates the airstrikes that have traumatized a region, they will bring light and love and maybe convert some Muslims to Christianity,” wrote The Washington Post’s Max Bearak, making this case even more controversial.


Although we’ve witnessed a number of both insanely creative and incredibly practical uses of nascent technology over the past few months, the authorities and users alike should be obliged to raise the awareness of responsible and appropriate UAVs use. As their popularity continues to spread, the future that drones are already leading us to should be made wondrous instead of frightening.

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