Drones for Delivery – AT&T Set to use LTE Network for Drone Delivery

Drones for Delivery – AT&T Set to use LTE Network for Drone Delivery

AT&T Using Drones for Delivery on LTE Network

The whole world is fascinated with drones and experts and amateurs are working on their fast development with joint forces. You can practically see how the future presented in The Jetsons is coming to life before your eyes. However, we have a long road to go until everything is going smoothly, without any bugs or glitches whatsoever, but we’re working on that.


Many Benefits of Drone Air Traffic

Drones are cool – no one can argue this fact. Like it was fun for all of us to control toy choppers before, this is very entertaining as well, but drones come with features other toys don’t have. Other than the obvious one – filming and photography for your own collection, drones allow you to safely monitor wildlife and do research without ever getting in danger. Whether tracking, disaster prevention, and rescue actions are far simpler with drone usage, and the info you gather can be applied to agriculture. The work of employees on construction sites has been made more efficient, since drones can help with the overall overview.

Efficient Delivery System

The most popular application of drones that’s currently being developed are drones for delivery. It’s fast, because it can avoid all street traffic, and it makes the life of the people who order and the people who deliver a whole lot easier.

Just imagine the very next time you order your favorite pizza – most people are very nervous when they are hungry, and the time you would generally spend waiting for a meal to arrive will be split in half at least. And, considering the fact that everyone is using smartphones and tablets, the delivery staff will just have to go through some basic training regarding navigation. So – less work for them and more food for you. As long as I get my pizza on time, I’m all for drones for delivery!

Drone Pizza


Why LTE Technology

AT&T is developing a LTE based navigation system for deliveries and they’re working hard on getting it ready for deliveries. LTE or Long Term Evolution is actually a smart pathway that enables a 4G network to achieve higher speeds when exchanging data.

This is necessary because not all mobile careers enable quick 4G access and, even when your phone displays this sign, it doesn’t really mean that it’s using its full potential. LTE technology enables cellphone gadgets to achieve the desired speeds with ease.

The appliance of LTE technology actually enables a visible difference between 3G and 4G networks, which is exactly what makes it so suitable for delivery systems – it improves its efficiency significantly.


Although there still is a full list of things to be regulated – like government laws regarding non-military aircrafts and air traffic that’s increasing very quickly, delivery systems based on drones are a thing of the close future. With LTE technology that’s constantly improving, drones for delivery might be even sooner than we all hope.

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