Professional tips for Charlotte, NC Real Estate Photography

Professional tips for Charlotte, NC Real Estate Photography

Professional Tips for Real Estate Photography in Charlotte, NC

Selling a home can be stressful. The market goes up and down, and if you get caught in a downturn, it can feel as if your home is going to stay on the market forever. You can increase your odds of selling your Charlotte, NC, home faster by following some professional tips for real estate photography. Be sure to incorporate each tip to get the best results.

Go Wide

Narrow photos make rooms look small. Use a wide-angle lens to make the rooms in your home look larger. If your rooms still look small, stand close to an area of carpet instead of a wall or furniture. This actually distorts the distance, making rooms look much larger than they really are. Those who are experienced in Charlotte, NC, real estate photography have even more options for making a room look big, so don’t be afraid if you have a small house. It can look large and lavish in photos.

Use Natural Light

Natural light looks great in photographs. Open up the windows and take the pictures at the best time of the day so you can maximize the light. Your photos will look soft and inviting. That will make it much easier for you to sell your home.

Use the Horizontal Orientation

People often use their smartphones when taking pictures. They hold the phone up and snap, creating pictures in the vertical orientation. That is a huge mistake. Human eyes are set to view information in a 4:3 aspect ratio. That makes photos that use a vertical orientation look confusing and displeasing.

Make Sure Your Home Looks Ready to Buy

You might want to include your dog or kids in a picture so your house looks comfortable and lived in, but fight against that urge. Keep your kids and pets out of the picture, and turn off the TV. You want people to look at the picture and think they could move in that day. They can’t if you have to pack up Fido and the kids.

While you can take these pictures on your own, you will fare better using a professional photographer. One study showed that homes using professional photos sell 50 percent faster , so it is definitely worth the cost. Best of all, your professional real estate photographer will already know the various tips and strategies, so you can relax while the pro gets to work.

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