Drones – Strictly Business in Charlotte, NC

Drones – Strictly Business in Charlotte, NC

How Drones Can Be Beneficial for Small Businesses


Drones are becoming very popular in several different industries, including surveying, construction, agriculture, photography, media and security, but they are not limited solely to these industries. The drone industry in Charlotte is in its early stages, so we will surely see more and more applications for these little gizmos. It is expected that they will become a great tool for businesses, increase efficiency, and perhaps the most important thing every business tries to achieve, reduce overall costs. So, let’s see what types of small businesses can really benefit from drone companies in North Carolina.

Building and Construction Together with Surveying


For example, simple inspections jobs of structures and buildings can now easily be done by flying a drone and identifying the areas that need repairing. Traditionally, a person would have to inspect every part of the building via scaffolding or a cherry picker, but there are some areas that are hard to get to on foot, like bridges, roofs, wind farms. All of them are all far easier to reach by using a drone.

Power lines, pipelines and railways can also be inspected by drones, much faster than ever before. Many construction companies are even using drones to create 3D models of building sites, and drones can also help construction businesses accurately map the construction site, leveling and collecting data for excavation.

Emergency Services, Search and Rescue

The police now have the ability of replacing those expensive helicopters with drones, because they are a great t
ool when it comes to monitoring large crowds, and we can certainly say that it is only a matter of time before drones will be the main feature in police car chases. Also, the Fire Department can make their jobs much easier with drones, because during fire incidents, drones can be used to transmit high-definition infrared footage, as well as images to help the ones who are in charge to make quick decisions. Search and rescue workers can now implement drones and use them as a first response to help people in need for a defibrillator or to scan big areas to locate a person that’s missing.

Agriculture Industry


Drones have the ability to quickly scan big areas of crops and woodland, and to map out the condition and health of the crops or the vegetation, which can enable the farmer to identify where fertilizer needs to be reduced or increased. The data collected by the drone can then be loaded into the GPS system in the tractor, so that the fertilizer can be s pread accordingly.

We hope that this article has offered you some insights into what North Carolina drone companies can do for small businesses and industries, and how they can help them save both money and time. We believe that every small business can, in some way, benefit from the drone industry. With the new regulations that were brought by the FAA, industries like photography and media will only grow, and so will the real estate business.

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