Terms and Conditions

Scheduling, Contact Information & Etc.
Requests for photography/videography appointments should be submitted via client portal located here: with as much detail as possible. We will reply back to verify the date, time and location of the shoot. Once both parties have acknowledged the date, time and location of the appointment via email, the appointment will be considered “booked”. Charlotte Drone Company will make all efforts to work with clients on scheduling. We will not contact third parties/homeowners to schedule shoots. Shoot must be scheduled by or in place of the party who is making the final payment. Realtors/Brokers who work with a marketing department will be responsible for forwarding them the shoot and any details they may need. Charlotte Drone Company will charge $75/hour for any tasks required beyond the photo/video shoot/editing (See the After the Shoot section for more info). Pricing: Our pricing may fluctuate with the market and fees listed on the website may change without notice.
At the Shoot
The client is responsible for the presence of an authorized representative at the shoot to approve the Photographer’s interpretation of the project. If a client or Brokerage representative is not present, the Photographer’s interpretation shall be deemed acceptable. Agents are expected to have the cleaning and staging completed prior to the photo shoot. All properties will be shot “As Is”. For extremely dark homes, lighting may be provided at an additional fee but is typically not needed.  Amenity shots may be provided at an additional cost of $75 per photo. Our policy does not allow us to touch any personal belongings or open any drawers or cabinets in homes/businesses/etc. – please do all staging prior to photographer visiting. Staging would include but not be limited to: Cleaning, opening blinds, turning off fans, turning on all lights, toilet seats down, clutter removed, yard toys removed, cars removed from driveway, removing waste baskets, making beds and etc.
After the Shoot
Once the images have been made, the photographer will perform digital retouching and deliver to the agent or agent/brokerage representative a link to download the images via email within 24-48 hours (business days) unless otherwise specified. Delivery is via a Viewshoot link.  All images are provided in two formats for simplified usability by the agent/brokerage. Each Image will be stored at a high and low resolution format. Other formats and image sizes can be provided at a cost of $5.00 per image. Photo alterations beyond photo enhancement (ie: grid lines, property lines, window pulls, branding etc.) will be charged at a rate of $75/hour.
Cancellation, No-Show and Inclement Weather Policy
If cancellation or rescheduling is necessary, do so with a minimum of 24-hour notice. Any shoot canceled within 24-hours is subject to a $75.00 cancellation fee. Every effort will be made to accommodate any required reschedule. In the event of inclement weather preventing the shoot, a new date will be scheduled at the earliest available time.
Rights and Usage
Upon full payment, (client) and its agencies receive non-exclusive rights of usage with the specific exception of the right of “Re-sale or Re-use” of any photograph by any additional third party. All images produced for an Agent or Broker [client] may be used by the client for all marketing materials and campaigns associated with the property. The photos may also be used by the Client’s parent company for the sole purpose of marketing the specific property photographed. Ownership of the images remains with the Photographer, and license is granted only to the Client and Client’s parent company, and not to any third party. Any usage of the images by a third party, including but not limited to, architects, builders, stagers, designers, sellers or buyers, is strictly prohibited unless approved in writing by the photographer. Photos or videos used on websites (not used for the sole purpose of selling listing), social media or other platforms not related to real estate must possess a watermarked image or give credit to Charlotte Drone Company in the description as follows: “Photo taken by Charlotte Drone Company”. Rights of use on all images are contingent upon payment of invoice pertaining to the invoice each property is listed on. For branding removal/hosting requests see “Video Deliverables” section.
Video Deliverables
Upon hiring Charlotte Drone Company to provide a real estate video, realtor/client accept that Charlotte Drone Company’s artistic/subjective view of the final product will be deemed acceptable. If realtor/client require edits after the final product has been delivered, those can be provided at $75/hour. Reshoots will be charged according to the project type and may be equal to the original quoted price. If realtor/client is seeking special branding on the video itself, that can be provided at an additional cost of $100. Videos will be hosted by Charlotte Drone Company. Client may host their own video for an additional $75 added to the total cost of shoot. If client chooses to host video produced by Charlotte Drone Company, video will delivered with a Charlotte Drone Company watermark. Charlotte Drone Company does not supply RAW or unmarked video footage to client except for listing purposes.
Photographer will supply an invoice/payment method delivered to the client via email before or after photography/videography shoot. Payments on shoots are due prior to the delivery of any images or videos. Payment can be made by paying directly through our client portal using the Stripe payment processor. Travel charges will apply to any property outside of Charlotte as follows:

Rock Hill/York/Fort Mill/Tega Cay – $20-35

Lake Wylie – $20

Indian Land/Pineville – $30

Gastonia – $25

Concord – $25

Huntersville – $25

Cornelius/Davidson – $35

Hickory – $50

Mooresville – $40

Denver – $35